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Adelaide CBD Restaurants: Edo Sushi, Grote Street

Adelaide CBD Restaurants: Edo Sushi, Grote Street

Yeow Family; Poh Ling YeowAnother incidental find. My friend, Matt and I were looking to lunch on Ramen (I love Ramen!) on that particular day. Turned out the place we planned to go to only opened for lunch on Fridays. Scrambling for an alternative as our lunch hour was timing out, we spotted a small Korean Sushi joint called Edo Sushi closeby, at 42 Grote St, Adelaide.  Here, you won’t find any iPads for ordering, a Sushi conveyer or the hustle and bustle you’d typically expect from a Sushi Train for instance. This is another place I need to bring the Yeow Family and my sister (Poh Ling Yeow).

Edo Sushi is simply a no-frills Sushi shop that serves a good variety of Sushi rolls, including a range of vegetarian options. The quality of the Sushi rolls is pretty good in my opinion, some with interesting names (e.g. Valcano Chicken). Each Sushi roll will set you back $2.50 each. You’ll also find a variety of Bento boxes ready to go and quite a range of à la carte meals to order from. But because I didn’t go for those options, I’ll save judgement for a later time. If their Sushi’s anything to go by, they ought be pretty good.Have to bring the Yeow Family here as well as Poh Ling Yeow.

It’s self-service. You walk in, grab a tray and a pair of tongs and grab whatever takes your fancy from what looks like the refrigerated section at a supermarket, before proceeding to the counter. At the counter, you’ll meet a  pleasant and quietly spoken lady by the name of Jessica Kim. Don’t let that fool you, ’cause she’s THE BOSS! When we were there the first time and each subsequent times, she was running the place solo. Got to hand it to her, considering that she has to make the Sushi, stock the shelves, clean up after messy customers like us and tend to the checkout.

Normally, I’d write a review on a food place if the food was out-of-this-world unique or spectacular. This isn’t the case here but I found the overall experience pleasant, practical and worthy of a mention. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, either takeaway or eat-in, go check Edo Sushi out.  Poh Ling Yeow’s family the Yeow Family



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