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Where can I find the best gelato in Adelaide? – The Yeow Family discover 48 Flavours

Where can I find the best gelato in Adelaide? – The Yeow Family discover 48 Flavours

img_5174I’m no food aficionado or connoisseur by any stretch.  I keep it simple. I eat stuff, and if I like it, I’ll eat it again. However, every now and then, I discover some gems that keep me at the trough a little longer than usual. And so it was, on one fateful evening, after a big Vietnamese meal at the Adelaide Central Markets, Teena’s Auntie Lili and her husband Simon introduced us to the best gelato in Adelaide at 48 Flavours, located at 78 Gouger Street. Teena and I shared a Salted Caramel and Pistacio 2-scoop combo in a cup, Trinity had a Cookies n’ Cream and Vanilla combo, Hayley had a Pandan and Taro combo, and Auntie Lili and Simon shared a couple of scoops of the Durian gelato in a cone.

img_5178While digging in, we had the pleasure of meeting the crew on shift at the time, which included owners, Brian and Teresa O’Donnel, as well as family-friend couple Tara and Joseph. To put to simply, they were just really nice genuine people…even before I mentioned we had a food blog! As we got to talking, Teresa offered us a taste of some of their more unusual flavours, not the least which was the Blue Cheese gelato.  She told us that Brian just came up with the idea that very day and got straight to work on it. Apparently, that’s how he rolls. I’m not a blue cheese fan, but the gelato I could handle.
img_5177We also got to see Brian in action, pumping out some fresh product from their onsite gelato maker and painstakingly constructing the layers of a tub of Snickers gelato. The Snickers… well, it tasted exactly like Snickers, including the crunchy nuts. I can’t vouch for all the other flavours, but from the ones I got to taste, the flavour was superior and the texture was smoother than any other gelato I’ve ever had in the past.

Given our experience at the store, it’s no wonder that these guys came second overall in 2015 at the Asia-Pacific group phase of the Gelato World Tour held in Singapore, which qualified them to compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer in gelato at the 2017 event to be held in Italy scheduled for September next year. If I were a betting man, I’d be putting some dough on 48 Flavours.

For those who are slightly more health concious or ice-cream cake that’s a bit speacial , I found this on their website.

img_5176“For the healthy minded 48 Flavours also offers a Frozen Yoghurt range including Natural, Chocolate, Strawberry and Mango, all low fat and gluten Free.

For those special occasions and birthday celebrations custom ice cream cakes and handmade ice creams on sticks can be made to order. Customers can choose to have their special orders made from the large range of flavours made fresh daily.” (See their website for more info at

Just on a side note, being a former graphic designer (although not  a very good one!) I really like their branding. And I’m not sure how they landed on 48 in their name but it’s a good Chinese number!

Enough said! Go check’em out next time you’re wandering around the Central Markets. Can’t wait to introduce Poh Ling Yeow to 48 Flavours




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