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Casper Yeow, meet Teena Wong, your future wife!

Casper Yeow, meet Teena Wong, your future wife!

I had just cleared the last of the tables for the night. Alan, a close friend of the Yeow Family, also manager of The Windy Point Restaurant, pulls me aside and asked me a rather strange question. “Do you want to make a friend?” For a moment, I grappled to get a true interpretation of what he just asked. Did he mean ‘friend’, like as in drug dealer type ‘friend’ or what? Before I was able to let my imagination run even wilder, he interrupted with “I know this really nice girl. I think you two would get along really well.” I wonder what my sister Poh Ling Yeow would have thought.alan

I smelled Mum’s and Goo Poh’s (Auntie Kim) doing all over this one. Somewhere along the line, during one of the many Yeow Family get togethers, they must have blabbed to Alan about their concern for me and my inability to score a date let alone a girlfriend. Alan, who was like a big brother to me, must have then taken upon himself to be on the lookout for his poor l’il bro Casper.
teenateresa2It would have been spring of 1996. At that point, I’d been back in Adelaide for a bit over a year after serving a 2-year volunteer mission for my church. Soon after my return I’d got into a whirlwind relationship and was engaged for a short period to another girl. Needless to say, that didn’t quite work out. After that I decided to focus on my studies, not paying a whole of lot of attention to ‘other things’.  It was just as well that others were. Anyhow, I responded to Alan’s question with a yes. A more non-committal “Yes” you will never hear.

A couple of week pass. Alan rosters me on to work the Wednesday. I never get rostered on Wednesdays! Alan explains that we had more bookings than normal on that night. I don’t suspect a thing at this point. I report for duty on the night and the place is empty, not many patrons at all. There must have been some cancellations. Poh Ling Yeow knows about cancellations.

At around 10:30 that night, as we are finishing up, two young women walk through the door. Alan greets them, and it’s clear that he knows at least one of them reasonably well. He gestures for me to come over. “This is Teresa and this is TEENA!” he says with an ever so slight head tilt towards her. We shake hands, both of us with wry smiles, knowing full well that we had both been set up. But little did I know then, that I’d just met my future wife!

Here’s Teena’s side of the story…

Header – Teena and Casper during their dating days
Top right – (from the left) Casper, Alan and Darren
Bottom left – Teena and Teresa



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