Curse of the ‘Child Bride’

Curse of the ‘Child Bride’

Teena had a birthday few days ago. Despite having had four kids and joining me on the ‘wrong side’ of forty, this chick still looks eighteen! There were three notable occurrences just this past week that rammed home the harsh fact that ‘Little Miss Evergreen’ looks young enough to be my daughter. While they have done no favours for my already fragile self-esteem, I have no doubt that many of you will find them a little amusing. I thought I’d take one for the team by sharing them. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Yeows; Foodie

Occasion 1 – “I thought you were his daughter”

We often have people in our home who we don’t know real well for a monthly dinner we call the fast break. On the last occasion Chris, a young student from Malaysia, was one such person. When he arrived at our home, I immediately led him to the kitchen to meet Teena. Our friend Wendy was also there at the time. “Teena, this is Chris from Malaysia…and oh, this is Wendy.” Later in the evening, as he walked into the kitchen to clear his dish after dinner, he started chatting with Teena, and during the course of the conversation he asked “How are you related to Casper?” “I’m his wife.” Teena responded, watching his eyes immediately widen. “I thought the other lady was his wife…” Chris said, pointing to Wendy, “and you were his daughter!”

So much for Caucasians not being able to accurately judge the age of Asians. Even Asians have trouble guessing the age of Asians on this occasion.

Teena is normally a kind soul but even she couldn’t resist rubbing it in long after everyone left that evening. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Yeows; Foodie

Occasion 2 – “Good joke. You guys are a couple right?”

My Mum and I were standing around at a luncheon our family put on at church. A lady whom we’d only met on the day approached us and asked Mum, as if it were a foregone conclusion, “You are his wife, right?” Mum quickly replied with a chuckle, “No, no. I’m his mother!” The lady then followed up with “Hah! Hah! That’s a good joke. (short pause) You are a couple right?!” When Teena arrived at the scene and heard from Mum what had happened, I was again subject to another afternoon of “Who’s your daughter?” from my lovely, sweet, sensitive better half. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Yeows; Foodie

Occasion 3 – “Who was that young girl standing next to your wife?”

On the week of our first ever Fooding with The Yeows SHOP-COOK-EAT session, we were fortunate enough to get an article written about it. It was substantial – a double page spread, with a picture of Mum and Teena gracing a shopping aisle of a popular Asian grocer in Chinatown. A lady from church, who knew me but had never met my family, stopped me as I was walking past her at church and said, excitedly, “Hey, I saw your wife in the newspapers the other day.” After I explained to her what it was all about, she scrunched up her little face and asked, “But who was that young girl standing next to your wife?” Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Yeows; Foodie

Life can be cruel.



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