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Memories from the Dinner Table

Memories from the Dinner Table
Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie
John and Julie Sennet – Family

I propose we rename the dinner table to the “memory table”! The thought came to me as I was recalling happy memories of a dear friend of the Yeow family, John Sennett, whom we tragically lost this long weekend just past. Most of those memories were of us, sitting around our 1980s extendable dinner table with John, and his wife  Julie, at a monthly dinner we have at our home called the ‘Fast Break’. It’s been a place where dialogue has ranged from casual conversation to the imparting of wisdom. John had a favourite spot, the one in the corner of the table closest to the back door of our home. Whenever the Sennetts are at our home, you’ll find him sitting there with Julie and a smile on his face, unless there’s help needed setting up or cleaning up. Always first to arrive to help set up and last to leave from helping us clean up. To us, the Yeow Family, John and Julie are family. A tremendous loss to us. We will seriously miss him. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie

Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie
Mama and Papa Yeow

Speaking of those dear to us whom we miss, I also have fond fond memories of my paternal grandparents, Richard and Marry Yeow, whom I spent a lot of time with when I was very young. ‘Papa Yeow’ would take me shopping when I’m over and we’d come back in the evening with a meal waiting for us, lovingly prepared by ‘Mama Yeow’ (the original). It would often be either Rice Conji with Soya Pork Belly or Curry Chicken and Rice that we’d eat using our hands. Seemed to remember that the food tasted better when we used our hands. While Papa Yeow did a recap on the day’s activities, Mama Yeow would just sit to the side of us, with a just-detectable smile on her face, quietly watching us devour everything.

Both Mama and Papa Yeow have long left us but I will always fondly remember those seemingly uneventful evenings. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie

Fast forward multiple decades (Holy crap! Where’d all that time go?!), some of the most important moments for our family happen at and around our dinner table. Perhaps….no, DEFINITELY the most important of these is dinner times with all my tribe present, which is most days. Post all the shouting to try to get the kids to help set up for dinner, once settled, the kids often open up about what they had on during the day, good, bad or ugly.  It’s a good time for gauging where things are at with each one of them. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie

Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie
The Yeow dinner table – complete with heat stains

The dinner table is also where many family battles have been fought and truces negotiated. Trent, my older son, and I have had running battles with studying for maths tests and finishing off school assignments. While not enjoyable at the time, they were nonetheless memorable and will no doubt be recalled at his 21st birthday… if I don’t kill him first! Teena and I have also had some tense moments around the dinner table as we’ve negotiated the normal everyday challenges of marriage. Again, difficult at the time but remembering those times helps us to appreciate the good times and avoid repeats of such moments. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie

We often here the cliche “If only walls could talk”. I reckon if our dinner tables could talk, it’d make for some interesting listening too.

PS: In you’re listening John (or reading), keep up the good work wherever you are my friend. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie




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