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Where’s the food in the food blog Yeow Family?

Where’s the food in the food blog Yeow Family?

Those of you who have been following Fooding with The Yeows may be wondering, “For a food blog, there’s not a whole of food so far.” So, where’s the food in this here food blog, Yeow family?  Fair question! So, I figured I’d post something up about the reasoning behind what’s been just a trickle of food bits and pieces to date (unless you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook in which case you’d be virtually gorging with food pics!), with also the hope that the exercise will further crystalise some of our plans around what we’ll do moving forward. So, here goes. Poh Ling Yeow can relate to this

What we are trying to develop with Fooding with The Yeows is much more than a just a blog about food. It just so happens that food is effectively the glue that ties together all that we, the Yeows, do and love, not the least of which is the emphasis and importance we place on family. So, it just seemed natural that we first introduce the family and provide you with insights into childhoods and experiences to give newly ‘adopted’ family members a chance to know the Yeow Family as opposed to just knowing about our us. On a more selfish note, writing about our past has also given Teena and I an opportunity to re-connect with our roots. Teena’s been here since 1979 and the Yeows arrived in 1982. I grew up playing cricket, have followed AFL since it was called Aussie Rules, and I’m able to eat Vegemite on toast without gagging!

Notwithstanding all that, our family is chomping at the bit (Aussie colloquialism for ‘rearing to go’) to get some recipes out to you. With Christmas bearing down on us, we’ve simply run out of time this year. If someone can please invent me a time-producing (forget time-travel!) machine, that would be very much appreciated. Text me! Poh Ling Yeow could also do with one.

So, here’s the plan! We’ll try to stick to it over the next few months. The posts about family experiences will continue but we’ll try to fit in short recipe bits from Mum, Teena and Poh. We’ll also try to fit in some YouTube cooking demos. We’ve invested in a GoPro and will have the Yeow master cooks provide us with ‘Yeow cam’ vision.  That ought to be interesting viewing. The recipes we’ll focus on will be those relevant to upcoming traditional and religious celebrations during the year. Like for now, I’m hoping to get one or two videos out before Christmas on Christmas cookies and the like. Leading to Chinese New Year, it’ll be some traditional stuff that we’d eat during those celebrations. Will we be able to achieve all that? One thing I can guarantee is that whatever happens, it certainly won’t be through a lack of trying! See you on the flipside. (I’ve always wanted to say that!)


Header image – Food, Glorious Food!

Inset image – Good friends and family having a meal together (Poh Ling Yeow and the Yeow Family having dinner with the Lees and Bennetts)



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