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How Fooding with The Yeows came to be

How Fooding with The Yeows came to be

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had family members around me, who were amazing cooks. As luck would have it, I married Teena, also an amazing cook! Right up to that point, she lived in a household where her Dad did most of the cooking and his rule over the kitchen space resulted in a healthy level of pent-up culinary frustration over those formative years. When finally, she had a kitchen of her own, the flood gates opened, with a steady outflow of Vietnamese, Chinese, Asian Fusion fare, as well as all types of novel cakes, cookies and deserts. At the beginning, I was the only (but more-than-willing) recipient. As her confidence grew, so did the list of beneficiaries, beginning with family, and then extending to friends. Over the years, she’s built up a reputation in her ability to feed others and do it well. There’s a saying among our friends – “No one leaves the Yeows’ hungry!”

In recent years, we’ve shared pictures of some of Teena’s amazing kitchen creations and and those created by others in the family (like Mum, Poh and Aunty Kim) that we’ve been fortunate enough to experience – a mix of home-cooked meals and deserts, and restaurant fair. Social posts would often draw great reactions from those who see them and numerous ‘Likes’. Finally, there was a ‘Heck it’ moment after Teena and I had been chatting about some of the reactions to one such post on Facebook. Long story short, the seed was planted, and now, Fooding with The Yeows is here! Pinching myself and a bit scared. Fingers and toes crossed that you’ll join us and enjoy what we have to offer.



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