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Introducing The Yeows

Introducing The Yeows

We thought we’d introduce the main crew first. There will be many more as we get more organised.


Christina (‘Mama Yeow’) After marrying Steven in 1969, they lived with Steven’s parents for a period of time. During that time, she inherited recipes passed down the generations from Mary Yeow, Steven’s Mum, the original ‘Mama Yeow’. Anyone who’s tasted her cooking can attest to her mastery in Malaysian cooking. One of the most highly regarded home cooks in her hometown, Adelaide, she’s a former president of the Malaysia Club of South Australia and currently does some occasional work as a food consultant. Dinner at her place is legendary and coveted all over town. Makes a Beef Masaman to kill for and an amazing range of Kuih.


Kim Tho (‘Aunty Kim’) Everybody’s aunty. She’s Mum’s paternal aunt or my great aunt. So, strictly speaking, she’s not a Yeow but we’ve claimed her! Anyone who knows ‘Aunty’ agrees that she’s a living legend. She’s been with us Yeows since Poh’s birth. An amazing cook in her own right, she’s the queen of the quick meal. To Aunty, everyone is hungry until proven otherwise, so if you are within an arms length at the dinner table during a meal, be prepared to eat plenty!


teenaTeena  Born in Vietnam, of Chinese descent, since marrying Casper and into the Yeows, she’s been able to express years and years of pent-up culinary frustration. She’s a dedicated mother of four (Trent, Tyler, Trinity and Hayley) and an amazing cook and baker. Despite having been in Australia for over 37 years, she maintains a deep Vietnamese bend to much of what she produces in the kitchen. Her signature dishes include, lotus leaf fried rice, Vietnamese Pho and a mean arsenal of cake and cookie recipes. Oh, don’t let her taste anything you want to keep secret. She’ll work out the recipe somehow.


pohPoh Who doesn’t know Poh? A trained illustrator and artist and our family’s only claim to fame and an amazingly talented and creative individual, she’s managed to fuse her artistic abilities with her extraordinary cooking skills. There is no boring in a Poh meal. Our family are tremendously proud of her achievements. She’s married to Jonathan, DJ extraordinaire and amazing handyman. Together, they own and run Jam Face at the Adelaide Central Markets.


casperCasper Poh’s only sibling. He’s the oldest of his generation from both maternal (The Thoos) and paternal (The Yeows) sides of the family. His talent lies very much in the eating rather than the cooking, having on many occasions cleaned up kilo-size steaks. He’ll be doing much of the writing on Fooding with The Yeows and creating YouTube videos, not because he’s great at it, but because everyone’s agreed that he’s much safer with a pen than with a pan. He can cook but it’s more like survival food.



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