Report: Shop-Cook-Eat-Cook #3: Malaysian Chicken Curry with Mama Yeow

Report: Shop-Cook-Eat-Cook #3: Malaysian Chicken Curry with Mama Yeow

That’s a wrap! Another successful and sold-out (in two weeks of putting it up on!) Shop-Cook-East (SCE) session. Obviously, there’s a gap in the market in teaching how to make Malaysian Chicken Curry. This classic Malaysian dish brings back some great memories for me.  On top of the Chicken Curry there was also Roti Canai and Sago Gula Melaka. A perfect triplet! Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family

There were a couple of notable differences between session #3 and the the previous two.


Firstly, we went overtime. To date, we’ve been pretty good at keeping with the schedule. However, this time it got away from us a little bit. The shopping segment took a little longer than we had planned. We thought it was important that we took the time to answer the many questions we had about stuff at the Asian grocery store, Kim Wang. During this segment, the Basil Seed and Honey drink from there was a hit, and as usual, so was the ice-cream tasting session at 48 Flavours. Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family


When we got back to the kitchen, and when it was obvious we running late, so we made sure everyone was OK with going over the original end time. Fortunately, they were fine with it…and were duly rewarded for their patience!

Papa Yeow lending a hand

The other notable difference on the day was my Dad being there. After over 20 years of working in Sydney, we finally lured him back to good ol’ Adelaide. Being in slightly unfamiliar territory, I’ve never seen him so quiet! He turned out to be a great help on day. Talking to him later, he was overwhelmed with how well received the cooking session was and how easily everyone got along. Part of the what we wanted to create was the atmosphere of a large family dinner. I would say we achieved that in each of our cooking sessions. Yay! Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family

Mama Yeow taking centre stage

Mum took centre stage for the cooking session, starting with preparing the Roti Canai dough. While the dough rested, she got on with the ‘main event’ which was cooking the Malaysian Chicken Curry. The aroma from the curry, as more and more ingredients were added, unmistakable. Just like Grandma use to make. Mum also got some of the ingredients (like the very distinctive smelling curry leaves) passed around for a feel and a sniff. Once she got the curry simmering, it was to the Roti, but rather then do them all herself, Mum demonstrated stretching the dough a couple of times, and then got those who dared to have a go. And have a go they did! And a mighty effort it was by each person who tried!

You have to be careful when you cook with the Yeows. If you stand still for the split second, Auntie Kim will either feed you or put you to work!


Teena dishing up some curry

When it finally came time to eat, 22 people (previously strangers) crammed around two long tables. It was quite the sight, like a ‘United Nations’ family dinner – all Australian but from Indian, Chinese, Anglo, Italian (and a few more I’m sure I missed) backgrounds. It reminded me of a time when we had dinner with the the Governor (of South Australia), His Excellency, Hu Van Le said (in effect) that if people from the various racial backgrounds got together more to eat each other’s cuisine, there would be significantly less racism. Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family

So, out came five large bowls of Malaysian Chicken Curry, quickly followed by five large bowls of white rice, and then batches of Roti were served. That quickly went down the hatch without any problem. Shortly after, out came dessert by Teena to top things off – Sago Gula Melaka, topped with Roasted Coconut flakes. At this point, some felt like they would have to roll out the door and down the stairs. Full, satisfied and happy. Remember, no one (and we mean NO ONE) ever leaves the Yeows hungry! Mission accomplished! Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family

What’s always a highlight for us is watching those, previous to the event, who were total strangers exchange business cards, handshakes and hugs before departing. At each session, this has reinforced to us that we’ve got something pretty special going, but for now, that’ll have to wait while Mama Yeow has some minor maintenance work done to her eyes (to better to see you with!) and her feet. We’ll keep you posted! Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family



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