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Mama Yeow’s Birthday Dinner 2017

Mama Yeow’s Birthday Dinner 2017

In the beginning…

As with most none-major-milestone birthday celebrations in the Yeow family, everything happened impromptu and very quickly. And so it was with Mum’s 69th birthday dinner at our place this past Wednesday.  The annual ‘what are we doing for Mum’s birthday’ conversation with the usual suspects (the Lees) seems to always start with the suggestion of a simple pot-luck dinner at someone’s place. But if you know us or have been following us for long enough, you would know there’s no such thing as ‘a simple pot-luck dinner’! The end result? Enough calories to feed a small nation consumed. No real surprise to anyone! Poh Ling Yeow / Yeow Family

Some of you may have gathered that while myself and Poh were her only ‘real’ children, there are many others whom we share Mum with.  As her birthday arrives each year, no matter how busy everyone is, it never seems right to let Mum’s birthday slide by without making a bit of a big deal about it.  It’s our collective way of acknowledging her and saying “Thank you” for all she’s done for us over the last twelve months. Poh Ling Yeow / Yeow Family

No surprises!

When Mum caught wind that we were planning something for her birthday, she said sharply “NO SURPRISES!!!” I intended to honour her request…that was until Dad called up on Sunday. He ask me if it’d be better for him to do a lightning visit from Sydney (where he works) or wait until Chinese New Year. Fifteen minutes later, I had booked Dad’s flights for his return on the Wednesday Mum’s do was scheduled for. Poh Ling Yeow / Yeow Family

The KODAK moment

When the day arrived, it seemed like work would never end. I was eager to head home and give Teena a hand with the party preparations. When I arrived home my ever reliable Aunty Kim and the birthday girl were already fussing around like busy hens. It’s what they do.

While all this kitchen mayhem was happening Dad called. He was about 10 minutes from our place, having caught a taxi from the airport. I instructed him to wait outside so that he could come with me to go get some ice. I then took him straight to Poh’s so that he could arrive with her.  They arrived about the same time I got home. We got Dad to ring the doorbell and then got Mum to go answer it. It was definitely a ‘Kodak moment’. In the midst of all this I thought I had the video camera on my phone running. I hadn’t! Devastated!

The Food

As more and more guests arrived, it was soon very clear that there was going to be too much food, but everyone was up for the challenge! Among the ‘highlight foods’ there was Auntie Su’s Yee Sang (a traditional Chinese New Year dish meant to bring good luck and prosperity), the largest Coffin Bay oysters I have ever seen in my life,  and Teena’s Banh Mi and Vietnamese Braised Pork Belly with Quail Eggs. There was also some nice Sushi and curries to round off the mains menu.

About an hour later, the vast majority of us were drifting in and out of consciousness from the shear volume of food we had consumed in such a short period of time. BUT there was still room for dessert!  We kicked off Dessert Phase with the reveal of Teena’s present to Mum. It was an amazing Japanese Cotton Cheesecake tower, rendered with Mascarpone cream and topped with meringue, a white chocolate lattice and purple orchids.  After the birthday song, we tucked into the rest of the desserts which included another beautiful cake, a Dark Choc and Hazlenut Praline mousse Gateaux by my cousin Nat and her hubby David, Mum’s Kuih Lapis and Teena’s Pandan, Pomegranate and Jack Fruit Coconut milk drink among others.

And that (as they say) was that! Unsurprisingly, we’re still eating leftovers from the night. Poh Ling Yeow / Yeow Family

On an additional note, due to Poh’s crazy schedule we gave her a leave pass for the night. Thank goodness there was no more food!!! Poh Ling Yeow / Yeow Family




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