No one leaves a Yeow home hungry!

No one leaves a Yeow home hungry!

No one ever leaves a Yeow home hungry. It’s somewhat a silent mantra within the family. Ably led by Aunty Kim (we sometimes refer to her as ‘Radar’ for her acute sense of someone’s empty plate), our head food piler, you enter a Yeow home at the risk of leaving many pounds heavier. While the fare can take various forms, ranging from a slab of steak to Massaman Beef Curry, the volume of food is always on the high side. Fortunately, so is the meal quality!

This custom of continuously piling food onto guests’ plates as soon as you can see the bottom, is not unique in our family. You could say it’s an Asian or more so Chinese thing. You see, back in the day, us Chinese weren’t huggers. In lieu of what was culturally a western expression of love and friendship, traditional Chinese shower those they cared for with either food or gifts. In our case, given our not-so-attractive bank balance and food being the more cost effective alternative, we chose the option of stuffing friends and family with food until they explode. A very joyful demise!

Truth be known, us Yeows love hugs. So, if you ever visit a Yeow home, not only will there be good food; there’ll definitely be hugs!



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