Piñata Cookie Orders

The Yeows are pleased to present our special hand-made Pinata Cookies for sale. THESE ARE NO ORDINARY COOKIES!!! As their name suggests, they contain goodies inside in the form M&Ms. If you’re looking for something unique to remember a special occasion by, or you want to be the most popular adult at the family dinner, this will no doubt do the trick!


From $6.95 each with a minimum order of 1 Dozen.

15% discount for orders of 30 cookies or more.

Currently 7 designs to choose from

  • Doraemon ($7.95 each)
  • Totoro ($8.95 each)
  • Panda ($6.95 each)
  • Angry Bird ($8.95 each)
  • Bunny Rabbit ($6.95 each)
  • Kitty Cat ($6.95 each)
  • Hat ($7.95 each)
  • Kirby ($6.95 each).

Orders must be made at least 10 working days prior to the required delivery date, noting that home delivery will be Saturday mornings each week with the exception of Easter weekend when it’ll be Friday morning. NOW ALSO AVAILABLE TO STATES OUTSIDE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Courier costs will vary dependent on your location.

Orders can be made by email at inquiry@foodingwiththeyeows.com. Please leave a contact phone number and name. We promise we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.