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Our First SHOP-COOK-EAT Session

Our First SHOP-COOK-EAT Session

I’m tremendously proud of my little sister Poh’s success. Together with her very talented hubby, Jonathan (aka Jono), she’s built and amazing brand and business from being the inaugural Masterchef Australia runner-up. Some may say, she’s just lucky to have the backing of a world renown brand to kick start her path to fame. That may be true but, to a large degree, she’s made her own luck. And when it comes along, you still need to make the most of it, which means working hard. And believe me, the girl and her boy works hard! They deserve and have earnt every cent and celebrity credit that’s come their way. Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family; Poh

Cooks all over the place in the Yeow Family!

Along this journey (Gag! Can’t believe I just used that word!), there has been much shared about her background and us, her family. Despite of all the write-up, much still remains to be shared with the world, not the least which is where Poh’s command of the kitchen derives from – Mum and Aunty Kim. When you dig deeper there are a host of aunts, cousins and other relatives who have very healthy and well-developed culinary dispositions. There is seemingly an endless pool of cooking talent among the women in the family. Some of the dudes in the family aren’t too shabby either! Uncle Jimmy, Dad’s youngest brother, and Uncle Thomas (Yes, both very traditional Asian names!), my Auntie Jenny’s husband, use to (not sure if they still do) wield a mean wok!

The long and the short of it all is that there’s much about the Yeows, particularly the food part, that we’d like to share with the world. For most part Poh was the sole window into the Yeows and our fooding adventures. A large part of why I decided to start Fooding with The Yeows was to rectify that. I figured why not start in my own backyard, with the master of them all – Mum! What amazes me is that she often cooks without a recipe book, with some of recipes deeply etched her subconscious.

You reading this post likely means that you’ve seen some of her product. I’ve sampled lots of her product firsthand in my very fortunate lifetime and can confirm that they taste as good as they look. As if I wasn’t already well-fed, I married a wonderful wife who added another dimension into the Yeow cooking dynasty – Vietnamese! And for an added bonus, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get along! In fact they make a great team, which brings us to Phase 2 of world domination! Showcase this talent in person. Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family; Poh

Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; #Yeow; FoodieLet’s DO IT!

After a long time umming and aaaing we had another one of those “Heck it!” moments and booked a date at The Market Kitchen to run what we are calling a SCE (Shop-Cook-Eat) session. It’ll be a three-hour block of time on Friday, the 31st of March beginning at 10am. Mum and Teena will spend the first hour showing you around the Adelaide Central Markets and hitting their go-to Asian grocery shopping haunts. Here, they will show you exactly what to shop for and where from, which can sometimes be a mystery to the uninitiated. The ‘Dream Team’ will then follow this up with a hands on cooking demo that will require participation in tasks like wrapping wantons and frying wanton skins. No doubt Auntie Kim will be wondering around making sure things are OK. Lastly, the crowning moment; a three course lunch, where attendees will enjoy the fruits of their labours with Mum, Teena and Auntie Kim, ask questions and generally shoot the breeze. I may even duck down from work for a free lunch! Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family; Poh

Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; #Yeow; Foodie

Come join us!

While I’m excited for the free lunch, us Yeows are much more excited about our first SCE session. We’d truly love for you to join us if you can.

So, what next? Well, we’ve already locked in session dates for subsequent months up until October. We should have a fair idea about the themes for each of those sessions by then. Getting ahead of myself, I would dearly love for Mum and Teena run these sessions in other states at some point. So, if you’re not from Adelaide, hang tight and watch this space.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about our first SCE, please go to We look forward to hearing from you! Poh Ling Yeow; Foodie; Yeow Family; Poh




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