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The Tragedy of Lost Recipes

The Tragedy of Lost Recipes
Auntie Kim – There’s so much knowledge in that little grey-haired head

Teena and I were having a chat the other day about cooking know-how lost between generations in families. We’ve spoken to countless others from ethnic Asian backgrounds who aren’t able to cook their families’ traditional dishes despite of wanting to and having parents who were wonderful home cooks. Techniques and recipes that were passed down from their parents, their parents’ parents and so on, falling through the cracks! This passing of the culinary baton use to be a priority in traditional Asian families, but for many, priorities have somehow shifted and traditions have gone by the wayside, as life has simply gotten in the way.

Mama Yeow – Still going strong

In our modern day society this loss of cultural heritage is one of the many micro-tragedies that occur on the back of ever-increasingly complex lives and the resultant ‘time poverty’ (loss of traditional language between generations is another). This trend of ‘not having enough time’ has some further implications for families. Simply put, as they continue to experience ever-increasing time pressures, once cornerstone daily events, such as family dinner time with a home-cooked meal, are fast becoming ‘nice to haves’ rather than ‘must haves’.  Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie

Hayley and Trinity – Will they or won’t they continue to carry the baton?

Fortunately, while there’s still much to be learnt from Mama Yeow, between Poh and Teena, I think we have the bases covered as far as continuing to fly the foodie flag for Yeow and Wong families is concerned. Well, at least for another generation. The challenge now lies ahead for us to keep this going with our kids. For months, we’ve been trying to nail down what we as Fooding with The Yeows stand for. I think we’re getting warm when we say we’re trying to restore traditional family recipes, the home-cooked meal and family dinner to their proper place in the family. Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie

Poh and Teena – The current flag bearers of the Yeow family

For those of us who have yet to harvest cooking gems stored in the heads of our aged elders, whether it be Grandma Wong’s (random name) age-old curry recipe or one for Grandma Jones’ (another random name) fried chicken, using secret herbs and spices, there is no better time then now. Ask the questions, soak it all in and may you never utter the words “if only”. 
Poh Ling Yeow; Yeow Family; Foodie



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