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Poh’s Birthday-Christmas 2016 Mash-up

Poh’s Birthday-Christmas 2016 Mash-up

For the first time in literally decades, the Yeow Family were not in town for Christmas day. Normally my parents would host extended family at their place, with aunties, uncles and cousins converging there on the day. Each family would bring something amazingly yum to share. But not this year! However, FEAR NOT! True to form, Mum always finds an excuse to feed the masses. Even if it means bringing Christmas day forward by a week under the guise of celebrating my sister’s birthday. And so it was, a week before Christmas, we had a Poh’s Birthday / Christmas mash-up. Poh Ling Yeow Birthday

As usual, the food-to-person ratio was way over the top. It’s a Chinese thing (if not South East Asian). One must ensure that everyone has enough to eat. No, correction. One must ensure everyone has too much to eat. I think it may have derived from traditional paranoid face-saving behaviour – eliminate the risk of running out of food for guests (thereby ‘losing face’) by catering for a small country. Having attended a few of these in my lifetime, it’s always safe to assume that we’d be eating leftovers for the next three days. Aunt Kim, the queen of takeaway tubs, would always make sure a stack of these, packed with leftovers, was ready for us to take home at the end of the night. Given the quality of the food on such occasions, and the added bonus of not having to cook, we’re always happy to oblige. Another thumbs up for Poh Ling Yeow’s birthday with the Yeow Family

Anyhow, on the night, apart from the chats and catch-ups there were a number of notable highlights over and above the norm (the norm being amazing food and catching up with family).

  • Osunlade – Until that evening, I had no idea who Osunlade (that is his full name; no middle or surname) was or that he even existed. I got to know him and Michael, his friend fromPoh Ling Yeow; Christmas; Yeow Family; Poh Masterchef
    Melbourne, throughout the night. Turns out he’s a living legend in the world house music DJ scene. Jono had been following him for quite some time, being an active DJ himself. The crazy thing is that they only met 24 hours prior at Sugar, a local Adelaide hip-hop and house hot spot. He was performing there as part of his South East Asian Tour. Jono had gone along to watch and managed to catch him for a chat after the performance. To his surprise, Jono discovered that Osunlade was, in his own words, “Poh’s biggest fanboy.” By the end of the night, it was like he was part of the family.  Another adoptee for the Yeow family!
  • The Reindeer Chocolate Cake – Nat, my very talented cake-baking cousin arrived with a very innovative Reindeer Chocolate Cake, with fondant horns. It
    made everyone’s smiles that little bit wider for the night. Unfortunately, Mr Reindeer had to be cut up and served. Best venison I’ve ever had!
  • Poh blowing out her birthday cake –  For all the planning for the occasion, no one thought of birthday candles for Poh’s cake. Aunty ‘MacGyver’ Kim eventually found some not realising they were trick candles. It was entertaining watching Poh trying to blow them out. L-O-L!!!

It was a really enjoyable night with a with ‘unexpectables’. Another one for the Yeow Family archives. Poh Ling Yeow event



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